A digital identity crisis?

How mission- and life-critical industries are approaching cyber and privacy risks – and what needs to change

Your complex IT landscape is only getting more complex. And if you’re not able to enable, control, and monitor identities and security among that complexity, you’re not alone. But you can do something about it.

To get a pulse on the current state of cybersecurity, we gathered first-hand insight from hundreds of frontline and executive IT security leaders in several industries across the globe.

Our survey focused on the impact of cyberattacks in today’s new security landscape, as well as respondents’ readiness to combat them with best practice strategies and solutions. The resulting report highlights these troubling challenges, as well as actionable steps IT leaders can take to advance their digital identity stance.

For instance, you’ll find out about:

  • Widespread, costly impacts of cyberattacks, and how the new digital environment enables these growing risks
  • The role of a digital identity strategy in overcoming these challenges, and the level of adoption by IT leaders
  • How leveraging Zero Trust principles helps secure digital identities, and respondents’ deployment of supporting identity and access management solutions
  • Identity management complications and integration issues created by multiple digital identity vendors

Ready for real-world perspective from peers on the cybersecurity issues they’re wrestling with, as well as their response to these challenges, plus strategies to battle them? Download the eBook.

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