Automate Identity and Access Management Processes

Digital transformation has created significant opportunities to enhance productivity, but it also brings significant identity management challenges. That’s because the increase in human and machine identities, along with shifting roles, have led to troublesome security vulnerabilities.

As IT and security teams struggle with tight budgets, competing priorities and limited staffing resources in the midst of this evolving landscape, they clearly need powerful solutions to enable, control, and monitor identities. That means advancing past spotty, time-consuming manual processes and adopting automated solutions to gain visibility into – and control over – who has access to what data, how, why, and for how long. And, this automation will help free up time, enabling IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Organizations can achieve that and more by leveraging comprehensive, integrated identity and access management solutions from a single, trusted vendor. For example, Imprivata solutions enable organizations to securely and efficiently manage the user access lifecycle for both employees and third parties, while also safeguarding privileged assets. Benefits include:

  • Fast, efficient, and secure access for authorized users
  • Total visibility, plus secure privileged access and passwords for all identities
  • Ability to meet compliance, security, and cyber insurance requirements
  • Reduced IT resource burden and costs
  • Improve IT operational efficiency

To learn more about securing and automating access for all identities, download the eBook.

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