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Automating Epic Provisioning in Record Time

Now, more than ever, it is critical to automate identity government processes to minimize the risk of over-assigned privileges, unauthorized access, and escalating cyberthreats.

With Imprivata, you have an experienced partner that is solely focused on the healthcare industry. A focus has led us to develop an in-depth knowledge of Epic-specific workflows and integrations plus comprehensive reports that are audit ready. What’s more, we offer a proven implementation methodology to get you up and running with critical applications in under six months.

Join us for this 20-minute discussion on how to:

  • Plan for identity governance implementation
  • Achieve faster time-to-value with automated Epic account management including Provider Blueprints
  • Improve risk management and compliance with Epic account reconciliation
  • Prepare for continued success with an integrated identity and access management solution

Stay for the Q&A that covers such topics as:

  • Are you able to create roles automatically in Imprivata Identity Governance from the roles that already exist in Epic?
  • How does the solution handle access and entitlement changes to hundreds of users, like when nurses are re-assigned in COVID?
  • When using the Epic API integrations, what happens with Epic upgrades?
  • How does Imprivata Identity Governance handle the one-off requests after the initial identity is provisioned?

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