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Best Practices for Combating Drug Diversion

Over the last 10 years, regulations around drug diversion and external prescribing have become stricter, the DEA has implemented requirements around reporting cases of internal drug diversion and many states mandate the use of EPCS to protect against the risks of drug diversion. Ensuring your organization is protected from the internal and external threats of drug diversion is critical to your protecting patients, staff, and organization.

Join us for our upcoming Knowledge Sharing Session on September 21st at 1:00PM EST, as our industry experts discuss topics around EPCS and drug diversion such as:

  • EPCS requirements, and how they have helped tighten external drug diversion threats
  • Gaps on the internal side of drug diversion such as workflows, compiling data, etc.
  • The value of monitoring drug diversion activity and common acts seen in the space
  • And more


Speaker One

Michele Drake
Regional Sales Manager,
Emerging Solutions

Speaker Two

Jason Potts
Clinical Workflow Specialist

Speaker Three

Dan Borgasano
VP Solutions Marketing

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