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The big C, little c, compliance balancing act

All industries have rules, policies, standards, and laws that regulate daily operations. Governing frameworks – such as HIPAA, PCI, cyber insurance, ISO, and NIST – define these requirements. But individual organizations must determine how to meet them, based on their unique needs. This webinar examines regulatory compliance issues and shows you how to tailor your security/compliance plan to the unique shape of your organization.

Watch the on-demand webinar hosted by Imprivata's SVP of Worldwide Engineering, Joel Burleson-Davis, to learn how to:

  • Take charge of your organization’s destiny with a top-down, cohesive program for compliance, security, and privacy
  • Leverage a strong, specific approach to layering frameworks and choosing the right tools that will enable you to recognize and remedy gaps, overlap, and confusion
  • Design a privileged access management plan that safeguards both sensitive information and the user experience whenever compliance-related tasks are performed

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