Access Governance

The first step in securing an organization’s critical access points is implementing access governance. Access governance consists of the systems and processes put in place to ensure access policy is followed as closely as possible. It’s good cybersecurity hygiene to have a healthy and strong approach to managing critical access and critical assets, and access governance is a way to accomplish this.

In order for access governance to work, there need to be clear and defined access policies. Access policies are the rules that say who should have access to what and what privileges they should have when accessing an asset. As a best practice, policies should align with least privilege access, meaning users only access the minimum needed to do their job. Access governance ensures that only those who are permitted access will be granted access to a critical asset.

It can be complicated to know if your organization is implementing strong access governance partially, or even at all, so our checklist is here to help. Better understand if your organization is implementing multiple components and following best practices. Even if you get one hundred percent, you can never be too safe. So, SecureLink is here to help you stay safe and protect your critical information.

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