Third-Party Vendor Access

It’s no secret that nearly every company works with third parties in some capacity, whether that’s a vendor, a contractor, a consultant, or a partner. Are you confident that the third parties, vendors, suppliers, partners, and consultants you work with are given just the right amount of access to your network– no more and no less? Is the remote access they’re given secure enough to lower the risks associated with allowing external partners onto your network?

Without having the confidence and systems in place to back up that confidence, your network (and reputation) are at stake. Download our helpful and interactive checklist to ensure that your security standards and access controls are up to snuff to keep your company, your data, and your reputation safe. Included in this checklist is:

  • The key principles of secure remote access.
  • Four key areas to look at in relation to security standards.
  • Five important aspects to keep in mind when thinking of access controls.

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