Top 3 Ways to Identify a Vulnerable Vendor

Did you know that 61% of data breaches are attributed to a third party or vendor? How can you be sure that the vendors, suppliers, partners, and consultants you work with have the right security in place to prevent an attack from infiltrating your system?

Without clear visibility into remote networks and third-party systems, it can be hard to know if a current or potential vendor may be vulnerable or compromised. This checklist helps you identify possible red flags so you can take steps to protect your network from cyberattacks and other threats to your data. For instance:

  • Has a current or potential vendor been hacked before? How was it handled?
  • Have you noticed suspicious behavior or activity on your network? What can you do about it?
  • Does the vendor lack strong security protocols? Which best practices should they have in place to protect your data?

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