Introducing the new Imprivata Confirm ID™

Phishing and other attacks continue to expose patient records, hospital financial data, and other sensitive information. Implementing strong, two-factor authentication across all healthcare workflows can combat these threats, helping to ensure that only authorized, trusted users can access applications and information.

Watch this recording to learn more about Imprivata Confirm ID, a comprehensive identity and two-factor authentication platform for remote access and clinical authentication workflows across the healthcare enterprise.

Designed exclusively for healthcare, Imprivata Confirm ID allows you to:

  • Centralize identity and two-factor authentication for remote access, electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), medical devices, and other critical clinical workflows such as medication ordering, dispensing and wasting, and witness signing
  • Make security invisible to end users by replacing passwords with innovative, convenient, and DEA-compliant authentication methods such as Hands Free Authentication and push token notification
  • Improve security and compliance by creating a secure, auditable chain of trust for all workflows

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