The clinical workflow defines the delivery of healthcare services to patients. As such, managing it efficiently is critical to achieving the Quadruple Aim of healthcare, as espoused by HIMSS: enhancing patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs, and improving the work life of healthcare providers, including clinicians and staff.

However, these objectives are hard to achieve when workflow automation is characterized by an expanding, complex ecosystem of devices, applications, and evolving delivery options. Complicating this is the increasing need for data security to ensure that only those clinicians who have the appropriate privileges will have access to sensitive patient data and IT systems. What is needed is frictionless security—security that is unobtrusive and comprehensive, and that doesn’t hinder clinical workflows or the delivery of care to patients.

Unfortunately, current security solutions, designed to address the needs of multiple industry verticals, fail to meet the specific needs of healthcare. An IT and security strategy driven by a holistic, integrated identity, governance, authorization, and access management solution purpose-built for healthcare is needed.

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