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Digital identity is the new control plane

A successful identity strategy can’t happen in a vacuum.

It requires enabling, controlling, and monitoring user access while maintaining a strong but delicate balance between workflow efficiency and security.

Managing digital identity is central to the success of healthcare delivery, especially in today’s evolving and complex environment. Clinicians demand fast, easy access, and you need to ensure strong security and compliance.

And strong digital identity management can bridge the gap.

This is designed to help you understand digital identity – and elevate your strategy – this webinar will cover the basics.

Join Mark McArdle, Chief Products and Design Officer and Dan Borgasano, VP, Solutions Marketing and Enablement as they will cover:

  • What digital identity is, and why it matters
  • The core components of a sound digital identity strategy, and how they fit together
  • Healthcare-specific nuances and challenges that impact a digital identity strategy
  • The ultimate benefits of a robust digital identity strategy

Watch now to arm yourself with actionable information and insights that will help you take your digital identity strategy to the next level.


Speaker One

Mark McArdle
Chief Products & Design Officer,

Speaker Two

Dan Borgasano
Vice President, Solutions Marketing & Enablement,

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