The DEA Requirements for EPCS came out in 2010. Since then there has been a lot of work by vendors preparing systems to meet these requirements. Many vendors are now ready. The challenge is now on providers to adopt EPCS. But why should they and what’s involved? There are many reasons to adopt EPCS:

  • Meet higher e-Prescribing adoption levels for meaningful use dollars
  • Improve physician productivity
  • Reduce fraud or medication errors Improve patient satisfaction
  • Meet a state e-Prescribing mandate as put forth by the State of New York’s I-STOP law that requires all physicians to e-Prescribe by March 2015.

With the recent news of hydrocodone combination painkillers such as Vicodin moving to Schedule II from Schedule III as of October 6 of this year, physicians will be required to write even more controlled substance prescriptions, giving one more reason to start thinking about EPCS.

Watch this webinar to learn why you should roll-out EPCS in your environment. Three leading experts on EPCS will provide input and guidance from the perspective of: pharmacy, compliance, physician and technology.

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