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Escalated threats require escalated expertise & new tactics

Escalated threats require escalated expertise & new tactics

The healthcare industry is facing an escalation of data breaches and security threats — meanwhile, the market is consolidating and looking to reduce costs anywhere possible. As a result, leading healthcare providers are looking to outside experts for Managed Privacy and Security Services to help protect valuable patient information held in Electronic Health Records.

Hear how Susquehanna Health is leveraging Managed Privacy Services to augment its privacy and security program. They will share how the latest tools like data visualization, statistics, and trending are helping them proactively identify threats to PHI.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the following:

  • How escalating threats are changing the way care providers approach privacy and security
  • How to implement the latest tools to identify and combat threats to PHI
  • How to scale your staff without adding more FTEs

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