Live webinar

FairWarning Best Practices

August 24th, 2023 | 1:00PM EST | 1 Hour

Imprivata OneSign can be integrated with your FairWarning application to provide audit log information and a strong authoritative user source which is easily setup in FairWarning.

From when your users “tap-in” to their work-station, access the patient record in your EHR, and badge out – compliance, IT, and security teams can now have full visibility into user access. As a powerful user and access source, we can build a better picture of your users and improve AI processes to monitor for anomalous behavior.

OneSign-One ID integration will provide end-users with better insights into your users, their risk, and how they access your EHR and PHI. During this webinar, the team will discuss the overall integration, benefits, and use cases to Imprivata FairWarning customers. OneSign can be setup as an event, identity, or SSO source within your environment.

Key benefits for integrating OneSign with FairWarning:

  • Visibility into badge-in and badge out – users can now see the full cycle of when a user badges into their device, what they access in your EHR, and when they badge out.
  • Enhanced Risk Scoring with AI – addition of sign-on events enriches the features that AI can use to build access patterns around users by pulling workstations, devices, or endpoints.
  • Authoritative View of Users across your applications – combining OneSign with One ID technology, users can now simply view user access across every system in your application environment.
  • Improved User Matching and Management – using OneSign as an authoritative source allows better matching to your clinical applications and IT admins can easily manage user lists across systems to dynamically update your users as they move across the organization or into new roles.

Implementing this source in your environment is incredibly simple, as both solutions are in the Imprivata product suite. As an added benefit, SSO admins can also setup OneSign as your primary method for your users to even login to FairWarning.


Speaker One

Adam Droz
Senior Customer Success Advisor,

Speaker Two

Zach Blunt
Vice President,
Product Management,

Speaker Three

Kara Daley
Senior Product Manager,

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