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User-friendly security for financial institutions

How the right digital identity strategy helps financial services organizations balance security, compliance, and workflow efficiency

Cyber criminals have never been more adept and resourceful at stealing money and data, and the financial services sector has plenty of both, making any company operating within it a potential victim of cybercrime. What’s worse, data breaches are more common in the financial services sector than ever, and traditional security methods will no longer cut it – you need a modernized, solutions-oriented approach to cybersecurity.

A failure to adapt leaves you at risk of endangering your company and customer data. When customer data is compromised, it can lead to a loss of both business and trust – not to mention potential legal liability.

Increasing the security and efficiency of your systems is a common-sense move to make, but in doing so you’ll face many common obstacles, including:

  • The constant threat of data breaches
  • Simple, unsecure passwords hackers can easily steal or compromise
  • An overwhelming amount of data to protect across numerous applications, devices, and data centers

With the right security platform, you can prevent and respond to cyberattacks more reliably – you just have to understand the best way to implement it.

Download the solution brief for more on the security challenges facing the financial services industry, the strategic solutions you’ll need to combat them, and what you can do to make these solutions work for you.

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