Manufacturing Ultimate Guide to Third-Party Remote Access

Secure remote access is essential to reducing downtime in manufacturing

Security breaches involving a third party are one of the biggest cyberthreats facing manufacturers. This is partly because global supply chains rely heavily on third-party relationships to fulfill orders and support operations around the world. In manufacturing, timing is everything, and companies can’t afford even a single cyberattack that shuts down global operations.

It’s time for third-party access control without tradeoffs
Learn how to significantly reduce the attack surface across the supply chain. Secure third-party remote access can help manufacturers:

  • Reduce the security risks of VPNs by ensuring vendors and third-party contractors can access only the areas they need to access and nothing more.
  • Improve visibility by seeing who accesses the network, when they leave, and any activities they perform.
  • Eliminate the security risk of unauthorized individuals using shared or stolen credentials to access the network.
  • Simplify compliance by generating detailed audit logs that track activity with videos and keystroke logging.

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