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The Evolving Landscape Around Identity Management

Join Imprivata CTO Wes Wright and University of Kentucky IT leaders - Marilyn Cone and Mike Booth - for a revealing discussion on key identity management and governance issues facing today’s patient care organizations.

Top-of-mind topics include:

  • How have developments during the current COVID-19 pandemic impacted the processes around identity management and governance? What’s changed?
  • How have the priorities of senior hospital and health system executives changed in the past year?
  • How have staffing changes impacted process and staffing around identity management?
  • What types of solutions are healthcare executives looking for right now, and what are they finding?
  • What does the return on investment for investments in identity management, look like now—and how has that ROI been evolving forward and changing?
  • Where is this important area headed in the next few years?

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