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How behavioral security and privacy analytics are shaping the future of healthcare privacy and security

The path to greater healthcare security and more powerful behavioral analytics will require care providers to make strides with managing, training, governing and monitoring their users. Being able to correlate users with all systems they access is a must, but most care providers struggle with basic identity management.

Are some of the people within your healthcare organization behaving badly? Of course they are. No insult intended—it’s not just your organization. Every organization has a few bad actors scattered amongst all the great employees that comprise the bulk of the workforce.

In fact, statistics indicate that the majority of patient data breaches result from insider threats. The 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report notes that healthcare “…is the only industry where employees are the predominant threat actors in breaches.”

Ultimately, behavioral analytics can provide predictive and preventative insights: Predicting which employees may cause future problems based on past behavior and using those insights to prevent future problems.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The role legacy application architectures play in people-related security problems
  • Details about user identity management problems with major EHR vendors
  • The (painful!) lessons that have been learned from security problems resulting from poor user identity intelligence
  • Employee behavioral actions that are most synonymous with data theft activities
  • How the lack of insider/user knowledge is crippling the data security defenses of 9 out of 10 healthcare organizations

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