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Don't gamble with the guest experience

How the right digital identity strategy helps gaming organizations meet security and compliance requirements without disrupting workflow to keep staff focused on delivering a signature guest experience

Whether its ransomware, malicious insiders, or payment card fraud, casinos and gaming organizations face an onslaught of cyber threats – threats that are escalating in both volume and sophistication every day.

Applying the proper cybersecurity controls is essential to shutting down these threats, but even that isn’t without challenges. Casinos and gaming organizations face a number of unique roadblocks when looking to establish an effective security posture, including:

  • Stringent regulatory compliance requirements
  • The increasing demands of cyber insurance
  • Unique user workflows
  • Complex technology environments

You want to keep your staff focused on delivering a high-quality signature guest experience, while still being able to minimize risk, enhance cybersecurity, and meet all regulatory compliance requirements.

So how do you achieve this?

Download the solution brief for more on the security challenges facing the gaming industry, the strategic solutions you’ll need to combat them, and what you can do to make these solutions work for you.

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