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How we can help: Navigating compliance, OCR enforcement, and PHI risk landscape

What really happens with each breach of patient health information? The impact can be extraordinarily far-reaching. When a PHI breach occurs, the results can certainly be immediate and devastating for the targeted healthcare organization. But the impact to the life of the patient can be equally devastating, potentially resulting in social embarrassment and financial loss. The impact can even lead to a diminishment of the quality of medical care that patients receive. According to the Data Breach Investigations Report 2016 by Verizon, some patients withhold information from healthcare providers for fear that their data may not be kept private.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear patient privacy security leading experts describe a blueprint for structuring a successful monitoring program, including: the importance of incorporating training and remediation into your monitoring program the necessity of maintaining a single repository for all privacy and security investigations, using a proper investigation tool for conducting security investigations.

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