Improving clinical efficiency: It’s about time

Improving clinical efficiency: It’s about time

From a clinician’s perspective, technology is sometimes viewed as a double-edged sword. Although tech advancements are aimed at enhancing productivity, in the healthcare environment they often create significant access barriers that steal valuable time better spent with patients – while contributing to frustration and burnout.

For healthcare organizations, the benefits of new technology in the clinical setting are best measured in the context of one key question: do the benefits help clinicians deliver patient care more efficiently, without wasted time?

In this whitepaper, we provide valuable perspective on that pivotal question. We also highlight the advantages of technology that’s sharply focused on enhancing clinical workflows and optimizing adoption by making solutions intuitive and “invisible.” You’ll learn about:

  • The importance of clearly understanding clinicians’ workflow challenges
  • Three valuable benefits of providing time-saving access solutions
  • Imprivata solutions that balance strong security with ease of use

For more insight on the impact of new technology on clinical efficiency and the benefits of clinician-centered solutions, download the Whitepaper.

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