Healthcare leaders with responsibilities ranging from risk management to patient experience recognize the complexities and importance of positive patient identification.

A recent Kaiser Family Health and Forbes article found 1 in 5 patients discovered errors in their medical charts. Pew Charitable Trusts connected proper patient identification to successful health information sharing, the foundation of interoperability. The Pew report also highlighted two approaches to solving the problem of patient matching: biometrics and referential matching.

In this candid and interactive, 45-minute panel discussion, speakers from Imprivata, leader in biometric authentication, and Verato, leader in referential matching, will cover:

  • Why tackle patient identification as a priority
  • How biometrics and referential matching work together to future-proof data integrity in support of strategic business priorities
  • Real world use cases: pulling it all together

Joaquim Neto
VP Healthcare, Verato

Tom Meinert
Senior Product Manager, Imprivata

Rebecca Slisz
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Imprivata

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