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How the “Internet of (healthcare) things” will revolutionize patient care

As healthcare transitions from a fee-for-service to a pay-for-performance model to improve patient engagement and outcomes, the future of care delivery for organizations centers on a network of IP-connected computers, sensors, and devices in which doctors, nurses, and patients can securely share information. This “Internet of Things” in healthcare has the potential to transform the healthcare industry by minimizing the need for direct patient-physician interaction and allowing providers to deliver more personalized treatments, using PHI from wearables in a secure and reliable manner.

Watch this thought-provoking presentation to learn:

  • How Miami Children’s Hospital with Citrix and Imprivata are working together today and thinking about the Internet of Healthcare Things
  • Why PHI will move from the hospital to the edge of patient care delivery
  • How virtualization, containerization, identity management, and secure networking can deliver both incremental and disruptive improvements, while also providing a superior user experience

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