An investment in IDG and privacy solutions

How does the protection of patient data support better outcomes?

With the growing adoption of EHRs and shared devices critical to care delivery, patient data has become increasingly vulnerable to security breaches. That means that along with a sharp focus on physical health, meeting the challenge of safeguarding patients’ privacy is also essential, as it ensures the protection of their data, while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Importantly, safeguarding patient privacy also cultivates trust, strengthening the relationship between patients and providers. In turn, that trust helps empower patients to more actively engage in their own healthcare, while fostering better outcomes.

This whitepaper highlights the benefits of investing in integrated digital identity solutions that support patient protection and improved care, including:

  • Identity governance – ensuring patient data is only accessible to authorized individuals, and that they have access to only the level of information they need in support of clinical decisions and care delivery
  • Continuous data privacy monitoring – creating greater visibility into the safety of data and access activity through automated audits for discrepancies or irregularities, while helping to ensure compliance

Read the whitepaper to learn more about the value of an investment in digital identity solutions that safeguard patient privacy and foster enhanced trust.

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