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Answers to your FAQs on third-party remote access

Recent cyberattacks like Plex, DoorDash, and Last Pass highlight the growing need for security around third-party access points. But organizations still see third-party access as a complex and overwhelming problem. The solution lies in automating third-party vendor access. Automation takes a heavy lift off IT teams and streamlines the management, control, and monitoring of all vendor access.

Watch the webinar to learn the answers to FAQs about third-party remote access and SecureLink’s vendor privileged access management platforms. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of automating third-party remote access
  • The features that make SecureLink different and more secure than other remote access methods, like VPNs and desktop sharing
  • How SecureLink products integrate with existing technologies such as ticketing systems, IAM, and SIEM solutions

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