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How to sell third-party identity and access management tools to your key decision-makers

With threats from every vector and an increasingly complex regulatory and privacy landscape, it can be difficult for organizations to stay informed and up to date with the ever changing trends. However, ensuring your organization has the most relevant and updated strategies, techniques, and tools to strengthen your security posture and protect against cyber attacks is a necessity.

Watch this webinar hosted by SecureLink’s Product Marketing Managers Kylie Ruiz and Ashley Guerra as they discuss two of the top cyber security trends of 2022, and how you can utilize them to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity. Specifically, they will:

  • Review the current state of the industry and leading trends
  • Deep dive into the concept of Cybersecurity Mesh with the key insights you need to know
  • Unpack the Adaptive Security model and help you understand how this security model can benefit your organization

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