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Why The Rise of Smart Factories Facilitates Better Third-Party Security

Most manufacturing entities are becoming “smart” and joining the industrial revolution 4.0, whether they want to or not. The major shift to remote access, cloud servers, and a massive influx of IoT has left manufacturers’ cybersecurity architecture outdated and vulnerable. This gap creates a major risk – the risk of a third-party related hack. Third parties are multiplying within organizations to fill digital, remote needs, and every third-party access point carries the threat of a cyberattack. Third parties are often granted too much access and are not properly managed, and in an industry that is still finding their footing in a digital world while struggling to keep IT talent, the vulnerabilities are growing.

Join SecureLink’s Director of Sales Engineering, Russell Dowdell to better understand:

  • How manufacturing is transforming
  • Why smart factories need equally smart security strategies
  • How organizations can implement better third-party security and access management

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