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Top cybersecurity threats of 2022 and how to prepare for 2023

As the year comes to an end, it is only fitting that we reflect on the major cybersecurity threats of 2022, the lessons to be learned from them, and how we can prepare for 2023. The threat of cyber and ransomware attacks is nothing new, yet organizations still struggle to adequately protect themselves. Digging into the major cyberattacks of the year, we see trends start to emerge as to the common points of vulnerability for these attacks – from both new and all-too-common sources.

Watch the on-demand webinar to look back on the notable cyberattacks of 2022, what went wrong, and key cybersecurity trends over the past year.

  • Take a deep dive into the major hacks of 2022
  • Discover the vulnerabilities that led to each attack
  • Learn key cybersecurity trends and threats to be aware of as we head into 2023

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