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Organizations Are Treading Water When It Comes to Cybersecurity

Over the last two years, 59% of organizations have changed their cybersecurity structure to meet the new and evolving needs of today’s digital-first world. However, organizations have barely moved the needle when it comes to the effectiveness of those security strategies. The 2022 Ponemon Institute State of Cybersecurity and Third-Party Remote Access Security Report, sponsored by SecureLink, examines how organizations are investing in their cybersecurity infrastructure to minimize threats and third-party remote access risk. What our teams found is that while organizations are adapting and evolving, multiplying threats are negating cybersecurity progress.

Watch the webinar to hear from SecureLink’s CTO, Joel Burleson-Davis, as he discusses:

  • Insights from the Ponemon Report
  • Alarming statistics the report shows
  • What organizations can do to make sure they’re on the path towards optimized security.

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