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Winning with mobile: Secure, private, compliant and oh-so-efficient workflows

Customers are looking to mobile technology to improve freedom and flexibility of workflow, especially in the face of constrained budgets and personnel resources.

However, achieving an efficient workflow experience on mobile devices without compromising security, privacy, and compliance is difficult to achieve. Barriers to use, created by security requirements, hinder usability and threaten adoption, leaving organizations unable to optimize the investments they have made in mobile technology.

But by leveraging digital identity solutions, you can achieve compliance across both shared use and BYOD mobile devices to support access to care delivery, any time, anywhere.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the dynamic security challenges and risks posed to mobile devices used to access sensitive information
  • Discuss end-user workflow requirements for secure access on a mobile device
  • Support mobile-first access and authentication


Speaker One

Rachel Pickering
Senior Solutions Marketing & Enablement Manager,

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