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Enable fast, secure access for front-line workers

How the right digital identity strategy delivers secure but easy user access across all endpoints and applications to boost productivity and keep your transportation and logistics business moving

Moving goods to their destination quickly – and with minimum disruption – may seem routine to many consumers. But it’s anything but routine, and today’s increasingly complex technology environment has only exacerbated inherent challenges for the transportation industry.

Whether it involves a warehousing operation, a commercial airline, a cruise line, or any other sector, enhancing efficiency and productivity requires a skillful balance between optimized user workflows and strong security. The good news? You can leverage proven solutions to achieve this vital balancing act.

In this transportation industry brief, we provide perspective on these challenges and solutions, highlighting:

  • Issues impacting productivity and security such as cyberattacks and shared-device risks, as well as the ability to meet increasingly demanding cyber insurance requirements
  • Strategic digital identity solutions designed to solve these workflow, security, and compliance challenges

The industry brief also features a link to our Digital Identity Maturity Assessment, which can help transportation industry organizations assess the current maturity of their digital identity strategy and get actionable guidance to build a comprehensive plan.

Download the brief to learn how to get started on constructing a comprehensive digital identity strategy for transportation.

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