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Switching to the right SSO solution: Palmetto Health shares lessons learned

Chris Bailly, IT Applications Architect Systems Analyst, from Palmetto Health explains the negative impact their previous SSO solution had on their hospital system and why they chose to switch to Imprivata OneSign®. Selecting the right SSO solution allows you to, “utilize the SSO solution more and creates a much happier user base,” Chris advises.

Whether you are replacing an existing SSO solution or looking to implement SSO for the first time, Chris offers lessons learned that can assist you in making the right decision.

View this webinar to hear about the:

  • Challenges Palmetto experienced with their previous SSO solution - including difficulty profiling applications, low user adoption, and lack of EMR integration
  • Migration process of switching from one SSO solution to another
  • Clinicians’ response to both SSO solutions
  • Time savings they experienced with Imprivata OneSign

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