Live webinar

Imprivata Privileged Remote Access Release 2H 2022

Thursday, January 26th | 11:00AM EST | 1 Hour via Zoom

Take a look at the improvements we’ve made to Imprivata Privileged Access Management in the second half of 2022.

In the second half of 2022, Imprivata Privileged Access Management introduced NEW features like Native Azure AD Cloud Directory Integration and Ephemeral Accounts for Linux Hosts amongst other important security and workflow enhancements. Highly requested features by our customers like Export to CVS and Deny Login Access are also included in this release.

In the newest version of Imprivata Privileged Access Management, customers will also benefit from enhanced features like Proximity Group Controls, In-session toolbar pull down, and additional enhancements to the integration with Imprivata’s SSO solution OneSign.

Join us to learn how to leverage and adopt NEW features like:

  • Native Azure AD Cloud Directory Integration | Once integrated, native identities within Azure AD can be used in PAM for SAML-based user authentication, user and group search, local group membership, permissions, workflow assignments, and more.
  • Export to CSV | A new Export option has been included for System Administrators to, in bulk or selectively, export Containers and Records to a secure, encrypted CSV file, later to be used with the complementary CSV Import option.
  • Web Session Relay Nodes | An available Session Relay Node in this deployment may improve web session latency by minimizing the amount of required traffic between the user’s client and the PAM master nodes, instead, this heavy network communication is routed locally to the user.
  • Deny Login Access | A new Deny Login option is now available to System Administrators to deny a user(s) or group(s) direct access to PAM. Once this option has been applied to a principal, their authentication to PAM, including web portals, proxies, and APIs, will be denied.
  • Ephemeral Accounts for Linux Hosts | Ephemeral Account support now includes SSH password and key-based access, building upon our existing support for local Windows accounts.
  • And more!

There will be a live Q&A with Christian Kolodziejski, Senior Product Manager for privileged access management.


Speaker One

Julissa Caraballo
Senior Solutions Marketing & Enablement Manager,

Speaker Two

Christian Kolodziejski
Senior Product Manager, Imprivata

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