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Digital Strategy Transformation: How Virtualization Improved Patient Care at Parkland Health

In 2015, Parkland Health and Hospital System opened a new 2.8 million square-foot facility, which was, at the time, one of the largest newly constructed hospitals in the world. The new environment required IT leaders to design an alert management and desktop management environment that would allow users to move freely about large work areas and access data when they needed it, where they needed it. Parkland’s leadership team seized the opportunity to develop and deploy a new digital strategy that resulted in users spending less time with technology and more time with patients, delivering better care.

Join Parkland’s Chief Information Officer, Matthew Kull, to learn how Parkland uses cutting-edge virtualization and identity management tools as part of their new digital strategy to allow clinicians to access to patient data and system applications anywhere with just the tap of their badge on a terminal.

In the presentation, Kull will discuss:

  • How virtualization and identity management tools enabled the deployment of a single sign on solution and a tap-to-access roaming desktop profile for each clinician in the facility
  • How clinical, IT and executive stakeholders were engaged as part of the transformation initiatives
  • How leaders prepared for effective release, evaluation and continuous development support behind applications in a virtual environment
  • How virtualization improved the patient experience and added an additional layer of security to the enterprise

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