Most healthcare visits begin at registration with a series of seemingly endless questions. It can prove frustrating to answer the same questions over and over. Yet, being able to identify patients with 100% accuracy is crucial in healthcare.

Technology can help. Imprivata PatientSecure is a biometrics-based patient identification solution that creates a 1:1 match between individual patients and their unique medical records. Once complete, future check-ins can be faster, more accurate and more satisfying for patients.

Healthcare organizations that have implemented PatientSecure have learned that a combination of people, process and technology is required for success.

Learn more proven success factors from two Imprivata customers - different in size, geography, and EMRs - that have navigated the PatientSecure journey.

Panelists will cover:

  • Challenges of patient identification and the downstream effects of misidentification
  • Key stakeholders needed for purchasing, implementing, and driving adoption
  • Opportunities, best practices, and lessons learned with PatientSecure.

Teresa Adams
CHAM, Patient Access Manager, Marion General Hospital

Brenda Bracken
Operations Manager, Sharp Healthcare

Rebecca Slisz
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Imprivata

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