Protecting Medical information: two-factor authentication in a healthcare setting

This paper describes how a Citrix Ready-verified product, Imprivata Confirm ID™, enables a purpose-built authentication system perfectly suited to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. It shows how Imprivata Confirm ID provides healthcare organizations with the opportunity to:

  • Make security invisible to end users by replacing passwords with innovative and convenient authentication methods such as hands-free authentication, push-token notification, fingerprint biometrics, and other methodologies designed to both strengthen security and make it easier for users to comply with security protocols
  • Strengthen security and enhance compliance by creating a secure, auditable chain of trust wherever, whenever and however users interact with patient records and other sensitive data
  • Centralize identity and two-factor authentication across all enterprise and clinical workflows, including remote access, electronic prescribing of controlled substances, medical device access, medication ordering, blood administration and other routine tasks

The paper also discusses the effectiveness of teaming Citrix NetScaler with Imprivata Confirm ID to meet healthcare’s growing need for a secure remote access security solution.

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