Protecting patient privacy is everyone’s job

Along with the pivotal role of clinicians in ensuring the physical health of patients, additional team members are increasingly focused on supporting their digital health.

The shift is driven by the rise of both internal and external security threats, and valuable patient data is often the target. And the stakes are high, with reputational damage, financial loss, and fines and penalties for noncompliance at risk – not to mention patient trust.

These additional team members supporting patient safety include:

  • IT teams – focused on empowering clinicians to deliver high-quality care without access roadblocks
  • Compliance and privacy teams – focused on protecting the privacy of patients and their highly sensitive data

This whitepaper provides additional perspective on why safeguarding patient privacy is everyone’s job. It also highlights the need for extended teams to move past time-consuming, unreliable manual processes to automated, purpose-built digital identity solutions that can help ensure patient privacy.

Read the whitepaper, and learn more about challenges and solutions surrounding the protection of patient privacy.

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