An Evaluation of the Clinical and Financial Value of Workstation Single Sign-On in 19 Hospitals

CHRISTUS Health implemented computer workstation single sign-on (SSO) in 19 hospitals to expedite EHR access. They assessed the workflow and financial value of SSO in reducing clinician time at the keyboard logging in. In this webinar Dr. Gellert reviews the impressive results of both login duration after their SSO implementation as well as the dollar value of time saved which was calculated for physicians, nurses and ancillary clinicians.

Learn how CHRISTUS was able to:

  • Identify the overall clinical, operational and financial value proposition of workstation single sign on (SSO)
  • Recognize the nature and magnitude of the impact of SSO on clinician login time by comparing pre-SSO to post-SSO implementation times across 6 hospitals evaluated
  • Recognize the qualitative impact of SSO on clinician satisfaction and how SSO is facilitating adoption of other clinical information technology such as digital documentation
  • Evaluate the results of cost effectiveness and return on investment analyses completed on SSO implementation
  • Analyze the methodology utilized to evaluate and quantify the impact of SSO

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