“Greater connectivity is driving radical transformations in every area of life and business. In a connected world, IAM sits at the very core of the business, key to every interaction.”
- Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2019

You can’t successfully manage digital transformation without a solid IAM strategy in place.

This is true in all industries, but increasingly so in healthcare.

Join Mark Nesline, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Rebecca Slisz, Senior Product Marketing Manager as they discuss key findings from the recent Gartner IAM Summit and the implications for healthcare organizations.

This revealing webinar will help you take the lead and learn:

  • Why Healthcare is embracing IAM
  • Why Identity Governance is at the core of any successful IAM strategy
  • Why Multifactor Authentication is the new norm

Mark Nesline
Senior Vice President of Engineering

Rebecca Slisz
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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