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How access control solutions can protect you from ransomware and cyber threats

Ransomware attacks are going nowhere, and you or your business could be the next victim. These attacks don’t stop evolving and are often becoming more malicious over time.

Nobody is safe. The next phishing email could look authentic to one of your employees, and that can be the beginning of ultimate chaos – compromised sensitive data, encrypted files, offline systems, and more.

In various types of cyberattacks, hackers use compromised credentials, and ransomware is no different, after all, to run this malicious software one needs to have privileges.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how access control solutions can protect you from ransomware.

  • How PAM can help prevent ransomware
  • The risks of using a VPN
  • Using Protection Strategies Based on Zero Trust
  • Implement the Principle of Least Privilege
  • Enhance Security in Remote Access

According to data extracted from a Cybersecurity Ventures‘ survey, ransomware costs will reach $20 billion next year. The survey also predicts this type of cyberattack will target corporations every 11 seconds.


Speaker One

Mark McArdle
Chief Products & Design Officer,

Speaker Two

Dan Borgasano
Vice President, Solutions Marketing & Enablement,

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