Regulatory compliance starts with digital identity

Identity and access management: A critical aspect of regulatory compliance

Threats from cyberattacks and their potential impact on critical infrastructure have forced both governments and industries to implement protective cybersecurity regulations.

Nearly every industry sector now operates in the digital space at some level, which means that no matter what sector you’re in, your organization is influenced by cybersecurity regulation. This can lead to increased organizational needs such as:

  • Implementing new cybersecurity plans, policies, and procedures
  • A greater emphasis on risk and supply chain management
  • Closer scrutiny of vendor and third-party access
  • The ability to demonstrate satisfaction of all regulatory requirements

On top of all that, failure to comply with cybersecurity regulations often leads to fines, penalties, and other costly sanctions.

As a result, organizations are now focused on implementing tech solutions to help them keep pace. To this end, you’ll want to consider identity and access management as a critical component of your broader cybersecurity strategy. Comprehensive identity and access management solutions will help you to stay compliant with regulations, while allowing your staff to maintain secure, efficient workflows.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about why cybersecurity regulatory compliance matters to you, and the critical role identity and access management can play in maintaining compliance.

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