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Secure Texting for Care Providers

The fast-paced, communication-intensive environment of healthcare, combined with a highly mobile clinical workforce, lends itself to the use of text messaging to facilitate communication among care team members. Communication and collaboration solutions enable clinicians to exchange PHI securely and communicate efficiently with their colleagues along multiple channels.

Watch this webinar to hear IDC research vice president, Lynne Dunbrack share her perspectives on how the effective use of mobile technology in healthcare can drive process improvements, most notably improving patient safety and patient outcomes, and at the same time will reduce costs through productivity and efficiency gains. You’ll also hear from Ed Ricks, VP of Information Services and CIO for Beaufort Memorial Hospital on how secure texting helped streamline communication between their physicians.


Lynne Dunbrack, Vice president, IDC Health Insights
Edward Ricks, VP of information services and CIO, Beaufort Memorial Hospital
Justyna Evlogiadis, Product marketing manager, Imprivata

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