Consider the consequences if a clinician were not up-and-running on “day one.”

With today’s ever-changing workforce, the time to request, grant, manage, or disable access to systems should be swift and efficient. But, most manual processes are slow to activate updates, delaying access to vital information for patient care.

As an Imprivata customer, you already know the benefits of our solutions like OneSign and Confirm ID. By augmenting these solutions with Imprivata Identity Governance, you can efficiently and securely automate your identity management processes. What’s more, you gain a holistic view of vulnerabilities, such as excessive or abnormal access rights and un-provisioned access.

Shift the focus back to quality patient care. Join us for this webinar and learn how to:

  • Replace error-prone manual administration of user accounts for clinical and non-clinical systems
  • Streamline auditing processes and analytics for faster threat evaluation and remediation
  • Increase clinical staff productivity with automated, role-based access on “day one”

Christine Roecker
Senior Product Manager, Imprivata

Rebecca Slisz
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Imprivata

Kim Johnson
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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