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The Imprivata Solutions Assessment

Our identity and access management solutions have helped healthcare delivery organizations around the world achieve simplified, secure access to EHR systems and other vital information supporting quality patient care.

Along the way, we’ve learned that organizations receive the most value from our solutions when they’re carefully tailored to unique roles, workflows, applications, and demands. Realizing that value starts with the Imprivata Solutions Assessment. Driven by Imprivata Customer Success Management, the assessment involves direct engagement with organizations’ to best understand their workflow challenges and optimize solution adoption.

Determing the focus of the assessment is critical to ensure that Imprivata can make recommendations on how to optimize your environment based on our environmental needs. Key assessment goals include:

  • Understanding workflows in relation to the Imprivata solution
  • Identifying problems that the organization is seeking to resolve
  • Realizing how solution functionality and configuration can help solve the identified problems
  • Assessing adoption and optimization following the deployment of solutions

Now’s a great time to make technology easy and seamless, while maximizing the value of your solution investments with an Imprivata Solutions Assessment.

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