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The hidden cost of mismanaged mobile

The value is clear, a mobile-first workflow is the key to unlocking significant gains for IT and end-users alike. It enables simplified management, reduced costs, and access to tools and information anytime and anywhere.

However, maximizing that value is threatened when workflow and security clash.

During this session, industry leading panelists discuss the jarring statistics revealed in two recent studies from Imprivata and The Ponemon Institute, highlighting the financial, security, and workflow disruption that abounds when organizations fail to properly manage shared mobile devices.

Revisit this webinar to hear our panelists dive into:

  • The security and financial risks of improperly managed devices
  • The troubling impact of device loss to productivity and safety
  • The challenges caused by inconsistent management and ownership of mobile program


Speaker One

Jason Potts, PharmD, BCCCP
Clinical Workflow Specialist,

Speaker Two

Daniel Johnston MRes, RN
Sr Clinical Workflow Specialist & UK NHS Clinical Safety Officer,

Speaker Three

Felix Zhang
Chief Technology Officer,
Mackenzie Health

Speaker Four

Drew Kaurloto
Desktop engineer II,
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

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