Under siege: Achieving cyber-resiliency in an evolving healthcare landscape

In May 2017, the FBI issued a specific warning to the healthcare industry regarding its particular—and grave—susceptibility to cyberattacks. The warning, in response to the WannaCry ransomware attack that brought healthcare firms in the United Kingdom and Europe to their proverbial knees, stated, “The healthcare industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to the financial and retail sectors, therefore the possibility of increased cyber intrusions is likely.”

Download “Under siege: Achieving cyber-resiliency in an evolving healthcare landscape”, a whitepaper published by Healthcare Informatics that includes insights from key members of the HHS Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force. The whitepaper provides expert analysis on areas affecting cybersecurity in healthcare today, including:

  • the state of cybersecurity in healthcare
  • six key imperatives to cyber resiliency
  • putting a cybersecurity plan in place

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