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Unlock the potential of mobile devices in healthcare

Clinicians are becoming increasingly mobile, moving throughout the hospital as they care for patients. Purpose-built devices from manufacturers such as Zebra, Honeywell, and Samsung facilitate this mobility by bringing more modern patient identity management, clinical communications, lab collections, and other workflows to the bedside.

But use of mobile devices, particularly those shared among clinical staff, introduces new security and workflow challenges. To protect PHI and other sensitive data, organizations must implement security measures on these devices. In doing so, they must also balance usability to ensure efficiency and avoid barriers to adoption of mobile devices and applications.

Listen to the webinar to learn about access controls for mobile devices, including:

  • The security challenges with mobile devices and how to address them
  • The consequences of ignoring the security impact on clinical workflow
  • Aligning usability and data security requirements to secure PHI and optimize your investment in mobile devices

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