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How to leverage VDI as a cybersecurity tactic

Experts from VMware, Imprivata and Beaufort Memorial Hospital share insights on how VDI can be used as a security tool to build cyber resilience.

Digital transformation and desktop virtualization are accelerating in healthcare, and the historically paper-based industry is going electronic. But as digitization accelerates, so do cyber threats like ransomware and phishing.

But technology can be put in place to help combat those threats. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), for example, can help to increase cyber resilience by eliminating antiquated desktops and creating virtual compartments that limit potential damage that could come from ransomware.

This panel of experts answers questions about using VDI as a tool for ensuring cybersecurity:

  • How can VDI technology help to build a resilient infrastructure?
  • How does VDI help to protect against cyber threats?
  • Does VDI make it easier to contain a problem if there is one?

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