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What will keep cybersecurity executives up at night in 2023?

As we look to 2023, the year seems to be shaping up as a "rinse and repeat" of cybersecurity challenges seen during the last few years—with some notable new trends and variations that will no doubt keep security professionals on their collective toes. In our most recent webinar, our team of experts analyzed the major cyberattacks of 2022. We were able to pinpoint trends in the common points of vulnerability for these attacks. These are the same cybersecurity trends we need to be cognizant of as they escalate in 2023.

This on-demand webinar addresses the key cybersecurity trends and threats to be aware of as we head into 2023 including:

  • Zero Trust adoption will continue to grow
  • Expanding attack surfaces, and expansion of IoT
  • Work-from-home cybersecurity will become a priority for businesses
  • Entitlement management and access
  • Economic Uncertainty and the Role of Geopolitics
  • The focus on Identity Threat Detection and Remediation
  • Increase in Regulatory Complexities

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