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Q&A: Why Identity Governance is Critical for Clinicians

Clinicians need swift and efficient access to all their systems and applications to deliver quality patient care. However, that fast access also needs to be secure access, so PHI is protected. An automated Identity Governance solution is critical to achieve the right balance of efficiency and security.

Together, Imprivata and Microsoft understand that balance, because we understand healthcare. In fact, Imprivata and Microsoft boast clinical teams that are constantly on the front lines confronting the same problems that care providers are facing.

Join Dr. Sean Kelly, MD, CMO at Imprivata and Kathleen McGrow, DNP, MS, RN, CNIO from Microsoft as they share their experiences and outline:

  • Risks to healthcare organizations that don’t sufficiently verify access rights or ensure compliance
  • Increased provider satisfaction with Day 1 access to key clinical systems and data
  • Business case benefits with an automated identity governance solution

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